Family Fun

A New Tutorial by Jeff Cantin aka TC or TinCan

In this tutorial we will use a lot of stuff we learned in my previous tutorials to show how putting all that knowledge together will produce some kewl family fun. As always, I put a lot of time into these tutorials, so please drop me a note and let me know what you think.

Here is what I plan to show:
Make a simple model, quick render for an outline to create a template for coloring/decaling, then using AM's renderer with alpha to compose a final image.

What materials you will need:
Paper, scanner, color printer (optional) and color markers. I think colored markers make for brighter images for the decals, colored pencils were ok, but not as vibrant.

The following images show what my family did on our family reunions. The first one is the final composite of fishes we did one year. We had lots of fun doing this -- and it shows your family how fun AM is at the same time!

Fish Composit

You may recognize the fish model (arrow points to it) I used in my earlier pose slider tutorial.

The following image is an example of colored outline drawings of butterflies ready to use as decals we did another year.

butterfly drawings

Getting Started....

Lets start out with my old fish model and kick this tutorial off. I have included two more or less blank decals in this Project zip along with a basic fish model. One called Blank-Outline.tga, this one is to print out so your family members can color it in, then you scan their drawing and apply it as a decal. The other tga file is already decaled on the fish so you can use the same folder to add your own new drawings as decals in AM.